We have such a rich culture, why would I want to be anything other than a Ugandan? Our rhythms and dances can compete on the international scene for energy and entertainment.

The heart of Kika is Kaddu. He founded Kika in 2004 when he was just 22 years old. A professional singer, dancer and drummer, he is shaping the Ugandan performing arts scene. He has pushed Kika to reawaken the rhythms of Uganda. He has brought together the big drums and reworked the rhythms into contemporary entertainment. He has reworked the costumes and dances to appeal to a world audience. And he has fused the traditional instruments with western ones to enrich both.

Kika’s hard work and vision has paid off. In 2011, they received the coveted PAM award for the best cultural dance troupe in East Africa.


There are 53 tribes in Uganda: each, with their own dances, instruments, songs and language. Becoming a Kika dancer is a difficult, focused path to professionalism. Thirty-five dancers live together in the same compound. Food, education, training, medical care, and proper social behavior are provided. Men and women have separate quarters and everyone is required to share duties to support the cleanliness and order of the compound. The dancers are paid when they professionally perform and are encouraged to expand their repertoire and perform as individuals outside the Company.